Sitting in the bar tonight

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Sitting in the bar tonight,
the bartender came over and said,
"Your glass is empty, would you like another one?"
I looked at her and said,
"Why the hell would I want another empty glass?"

This one is an Absolute Killer

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This one is an Absolute Killer.
Wife : Dont you have simple manners. ......  I am speaking for hours and You just keep yawning every minute. 
Husband :  I am not yawning .... I'm trying to say something !!!!

Wife said sorry to me

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Just this morning, wife called.
She was crying.
She said sorry to me.
While crying she also said she will never fight with me.
She will always listen to me.
She will do whatever I tell her to do.
I was overwhelmed listening to all this.
Don't know whose wife she was !
It was a wrong number,
but the feeling was great...!!