Apple Iphone 6 jokes

This is the Best one for today - 
When u fall down and your iPhone6 is in your pocket and u hear a crack,
u'll just be thinking
"Lord pls let that be my leg" 😀😛
Congratulations... iphone 6 launched..
The best feature of iPhone 6 is that if you hold it upside down it becomes iPhone 9

iPhone users who've been saying "I love my small iPhone, Android phones are too big for me" all these years.... Apple just orphaned you...!!
Gujjus will not be affected by iPhone 6 launch...
They will continue to flash their iPhone 4S and say
"iPhone Chhe".
With the launch of iPhone 6, OLX is more excited than Apple....
as people will sell old phones, car, house etc to buy iPhone.
Apple is Chinese, all iPhones look d same.
Dear Apple,
iPhone-6 Will Be Priced At 70k...
iPhone-9 Ke Saath Kya Nano Free Milegi ...??

iPhone's Are Like The Golmaal Movie
Every New Version Has The Same Features... But Is
Longer Than The Previous One..!!
iPhone6 costs more than the total money Harman Baweja
earned from his Bollywood career...!!