How to celebrate an Eco friendly Diwali

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How to have an Eco friendly Diwali...

1. Stand in the kitchen.
2. Finish off the Diwali sweets your wife makes.
3. Then say..."My mother makes sweets better than you."

Enjoy the fireworks 😅

मुंबईतील रेल्वेस्टेशनची नावे ओळखा | Identify Mumbai Railway Station Names

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मुंबईतील रेल्वेस्टेशनची नावे ओळखा :-

१) येथे ज्ञान खेळते.
२) सूड घेणारे गाव.
३) दरवाजा प्रार्थना स्थळाचा.
४) लोणच्यातील ही गोष्ट सर्वाना आवडते.
५) आईचे लाड.
६)आकाशाच्या देवाला.
७) अल्ला हो अकबर.
८) your head in curd.
९) brother inside.
१०) हिरवा कापूस.
११) ज्याच्या वरून चढतो उतरतो.
१२) छान घाणेरडे
Reply must बघुयात कोण किती genius आहे.

- English Version -

Identify Mumbai Railway Station names :-
1. Knowledge is here
2. Revenge village
3. Door of praying place
4. Taste of pickle that every one likes
5. Mothers pampering
6. God of sky
7. Allah hu Akbar
8. Your head in Curd
9. Brother inside
10. Green Cotton
11. Go up and down on this
12. Good Bad

How to make tea in pressure cooker

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Munnu took a selfie with a pressure cooker on the stove. Put it on Facebook with a query ...'wife is out for a few days, how to make tea and how many cooker whistles?'
He got many helpful replies.

Venku: Cooker comes with one whistle, why do you want more whistles?
Ramu: What a buffoon! you don't need a cooker to make tea, take a kadai.
Chotu: soak tea leaves in water for two hours, add milk and boil. One whistle is enough.
Sunny: whistle? Your head. Go near the window and whistle. Neighbour's wife might offer you one tea.
Pappu: wife is out..and you want tea? Are you out of your mind. Get soda and whisky, then whistle, I'll come.😁😂😁