In a ladies Kitty Party Meeting

The host asked a question !

When did u last say
 I LOVE YOU to ur husbands ??

other said...2 days back.....
someone said...1 week back...

Host : " Now, all of u send I LOVE YOU ..
msg to ur husbands.
Who ever gets AWESOME reply will get a SURPRISE GIFT.!

Everyone started sent
msg to their husbands.

After sometime, HUSBAND'S
replies are as below.....

Person 1 :
SWEETY.... Is ur health condition Ok??? 😝😝😝😝

Person 2 : Have You Not cooked Food Today Too?😊😊

Person 3 : Darling,
R u out of balance for the money given for home maintenance?

Person 4 :
What's the matter??

Person 5 :
R u dreaming or am I?

Person 6 : Did u like someone's Jewelry in the function u attended today?💍

Person 7 : I am already tensed in Office n now u r sending msgs like this...
 do u have brain?

Person 8 : How many times did I tell you not to watch those serials ?? 😛😛😛

Person 9 : Oho..did u have an accident again ....With My Car...? 😳😳😳😳😳

Person 10 :
Should I pick kids from school today also??

Last - who won SURPRISE GIFT,
And msg is........

Person 11 :
who is dis ..sending msg frm my wife mobile???