Nostalgic School Days

Nostalgic School Days

During my School days, After getting the first beating on my hands from the teacher, I used to wipe my hands on my trousers and then only take the second one ....!
I was very particular about cleanliness.

All my teachers used to stand and take classes...
You know the reason ? Respect.... They respected me so much... Nothing else.

During my school days, my teachers used to often request me to bring my father as they were afraid of telling me anything, lest they offend me .

My teachers were very fond of reading what I had written... In fact they would make me write it a hundred times so that they can read it again and again..

Many times the teachers have thrown their valuable chalks to me without me asking for it.

Many times my teachers have made me stand outside the class to ensure 'Z' category security while they were teaching.

How many times I have been honoured/elevated by asking me to stand up on the bench with all others looking up to me....

How many times I have been given a break from class to enjoy the sunshine & fresh air, when most others were sweating/choking inside the classroom ....

As I knew everything, the teachers used to appreciate my knowledge and have told me many times.....*Why do you come to school ? Why can't you do something else instead...."

Nostalgic days....!!不不不不不