Never Underestimate the power of a woman

Once a lady decides to celebrate her birthday by
staying at a Luxury hotel.
The next day when the
lady is checking out of the hotel, they give her a
bill for $250/-. She is taken aback looking at the
bill and starts fighting at the desk on such a big
bill. The Manager comes in to end the ruckus with
a customer.
He says ''Mam, we have so many facilities for our
customer to use Free of cost such as Spa,
Swimming pool, Gym etc., so thats why all the
charges are included in it.''
The lady replies, but I have not used it, so why
should i pay.
Manager says - Thats your fault, but you have to
The lady finally hands him over a cheque for $50.
The manager says this is only $50 what about the
balance $200.
The lady replies, $200 for you sleeping and using
me in the night.
Manager - But i haven't slept with you.
Lady - Thats your fault, I was here full night and
you could have used me, if you didn't, thats your
fault, i am sorry for you"
and walked away from the
hotel with every1 looking at her amazed.
Moral: moral-voral kuch nahi,aunty bohot shaani
Never underestimate the power of 3 things:
1. Women angry for a reason!
2. Women angry without reason!
3. Women about to get angry & looking for a reason.. =))=))