The Boy and the Eggs

A boy was cycling with a basket of eggs on it. He hit a stone and fell down along with the cycle.

The  eggs also fell down and broke. A crowd gathered around the boy.

As usual free advice started  flowing from the on lookers
“Couldn’t you be more careful?”
“What is this, you are cycling , casually without attention?”

An old man approached the crowd saw what had happened and said
“Poor fellow this boy has to answer the Owner of the shop . Ok I will help him , as much as I can”......
saying this handed over Rs10/- to the boy.
And also said “These onlookers are good people, they will not only give advice, they will help you by giving money also, accept their help”.

The onlookers observing the sayings of the old man and his actions , gave money to the boy.

The boy was very happy, since the money collected was more than the value of the eggs broken.

One of the onlooker asked the boy
“Young man if that old man was not around , I do not know what difficulties you would have faced with your owner”

The boy smiled and replied “Sir ,that old man is the owner of  the shop , where I work”.

Clever owner 😉☺😊