Girl : Let's go for a dinner tonight

Girl : Let's go for a dinner tonight.
Boy(An Engineer) : Ok.
Girl : But where will you take me.
Boy : Should we go to mint food ( an economic restaurant )?
Girl : No. That's a very cheap place. Let's go to Tomato's (A brutally costly place).
Boy : Silent for a minute Ok, see you at 7. I will pick you up from your place.
Boy pick up girl at 7, on the way...
Boy : Once I had pani-puri competition with my sister and she ate 30 pani-puri's and defeated me.
Girl : What so difficult's in it?
Boy : Defeating me in pani-puri competition is difficult.
Girl : I can easily beat you.
Boy : Please leave it. It's not your cup of tea.
Girl : Lets see.
They both stop at a pani-puri stall.They start eating,
After above 30 pani-puri the boy gave up.
The girl was also full, but to defeat her boyfriend, she ate one more and shouted, "you lose".
The bill was Rs.120
The main aim of an engineer is to satisfy customers with minimum requirements.