Indian Private Hospital

Indian Private Hospital

An Indian left his job and joined Salesman's job in a big Department stores in Canada.
Boss :- Do you have any experience?
Indian : Yes a little too much...
On the first day, that Indian worked with full mind.
At 6 pm, the Boss :- How many sales did you sell on the first day today?
Indian : Sir I sold 1.
Boss : Only 1 sale?Usually every Salesman working here does 20 to 30 sales daily. Well, tell me how much money did you sell?
Indian : $93300 Dollars.
Boss : What?But how did you do it?
Indian : One person came, I sold him a small Fishing Hook.
Then a Mazola and then finally sold a Big Hook. Then I sold him 1 big Fishing Rods and some fishing gear. told him to fish at coastal areas,it would need a Boat. So I took him down to the Boat Department and sold him a 20 ft Scooner Boat.
Boss:vYou sold all this to the Man who came to buy only One Fish Hook?
Indian : NO, He only came to take one Tablet for the Headache.I explained to him that Fishing is the best way to get rid of Headaches.
Boss:Where you work before
Indian : I was a wardboy in a Private Hospital : On a minor complaint of panic, we get the Patients tested for Pathology, ECO, ECG, TMT, CT Scan, X-ray, MRI, COVID-19 etc.
Boss : You sit on my Chair. I am going to join a Private Hospital for training in India.