Gujju Patel in London

Gujju Patel was living next to a British in London. Once they had n argument..
"who leads a better life"
British: we have a big house & I have Benz!
Gujju: I have 8 Benz!
British (confused): Really..? But I never saw u riding any
Gujju: I have 3 in Amdavad - Maniben, Ramilaben and Kokilaben, 2 in Rajkot - Jasuben & Nainaben, 2 live in London itself - Dayaben & Karunaben. Total 7 Bens.
And this is my wife - Seemaben!
She is the one I ride.. But I'm not going to show you that..! We are from well cultured family! 😅