Wife Calling Husband from the Bath Room

Wife: (calling from the bath room  in a  very  sweet  and  sexy voice)

"Darling, I am in the bath room.... have applied soap all over... please come  and  rub  liberally properly with your loving hands."  💋

Husband: (reading newspaper.... suddenly  jumps with happiness looks himself in the mirror and tells his wife)

"Sweetheart...  ruko... mein  abhi  aaya."

Reaches the bath room... sees his wife fully clothed, gets very disappointed & asks,

"kahan rub karun..?"
Wife: "Zyaada idhar-udhar dekho nahin.... I have
applied soap to the Clothes 😜
lying on the floor... now
Rub each of the clothes properly
and wash  them
and hang them for drying...
I have to go for my kitty party."  😜