A Lady Blowing a Kiss to a Man from the Window

Two friends 👨👱 were walking home and a lady happened to be blowing a kiss 😘 to one of them from the window of a storey 🏡building.

1st friend: Man, it looks like that babe is blowing kisses at me.

2nd friend: Guy leave her alone, don't pay any attention to her.
(Then the lady signalled 🙋 to him to come)

1st friend: Man the babe is calling me!

2nd friend: My friend, don't go.

1st friend: Why would you ask me not to go when a fine babe like that is calling me?

2nd friend: Pal, l'm begging you, please don't go, please don't go 😖

The friend ignored him and went over to the lady, she went to meet him and they both went upstairs. Suddenly as they were about to have fun, they heard a car honking

Lady: (on opening the window) Hell ! That's my husband!!

1st friend: Shit! I'm in trouble!!

Lady: Don't worry, just pretend like you're the laundry man and iron these clothes, pointing at a heap of clothes 👚👕👖👔👗👘
The guy spent the whole day ironing clothes because the husband never left home that day.
The next day he went over to his friend's place

1st friend: Pal, can you believe that it was clothes and clothes l ironed throughout the day yesterday

2nd friend: But I told you not to go. All those clothes you ironed, l WASHED THEM THE PREVIOUS DAY