ATM Card Issue

ATM card issue.
Santa talking to himself what the hell why my ATM card is not working on this ATM I must call Bank's Helpline number.
Then called the bank.

Bank manager: Hello welcome to your cash bank,how can I help you?

Santa : oh I am Santa calling from Ludhiana what's wrong with my ATM card,the ATM machine is rejecting my ATM card Everytime I insert my ATM card into it.Your bank has worst ATM machines.

Manager : just wait a minute Sir let me check it.sir I have checked your account everything is fine and you should be able to use your card.Are you sure your card is not damaged or broken.

Santa : Are you mad no one can take care of their ATM card as I do.

Manager : OK sir are you sure that the card surface surface isn't wet or rough

Santa : Are you mad or you out of your mind I take very good care of my card.As a matter of fact I even got it laminated last week when I laminated my identity card.

Manager : Sir did you just said laminate?

Santa : Oh of course yes laminate.

Bank Manager Still recovering from Shock ! 😆😆😅😅