Adding Radha to whatsapp group

Group admin: Hi guys, I am adding Radha to the group. Radha is new to town as well.

Admin added +91 9xxxxxx83 to group.

Radha: Hi all....

Member # 1: Hiiiii....

Member # 2: Hi Radha... How are you?

Radha:  I am fine.

Member # 3: Hey Radha... Let me know if you need any help, OK.

Radha: Definitely I shall let you know.

Member # 4: Hi Radha, I would like to meet you one day.

Radha:  I am honored.  Sure dear we shall meet some day over coffee.

Member # 5: what's your full name Radha?

Radha:  Radhakrishnan Uplandakandathil Nair.

After 5 mins...

Radha:  Guys, I am fortunate to be in your group.  Nice to meet you all.

No response.......

(Dead silence in the group)😳😳😆😆😂😂😂