God decides to visit earth and try some alcohol

One day God decided to visit the earth & try some alcohol.

So he changed his dress & went to a bar and asked the bartender :- What all do you have..?? Bartender :- We have Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Beer etc etc.
God :- Let's try Whisky first. Give me 5 bottles of whisky. After having 5 bottles of Whisky, God decided to try Rum.

Bartender was shocked, who is this man..?? After having 5 bottles of Whisky, he is still on his feet. After having 5 bottles of Rum, God decided to have beer. After having 40 bottles of beer, he asked the bartender for Gin. Bartender couldn't stop himself asking him :- Sir, who are you..?? I've seen people getting drunk after having 4 glasses of whisky and you've almost had 50 bottles and you are still on your feet!!
Who are you..??

God :- Hum Bhagwaan hain!

Bartender :- Ab Chadi Isko!! 😂😂