Kanpur family on holidays in Australia

Australia is an expensive country but the civic services are of the best standards.
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Last month during Christmas a family from #Kanpur, was on holidays in Australia.
Apart from his wife and two children, this man from Kanpur was also accompanied by his old age father.

They were traveling on one of the free ways.

This Indian Family was in their car and was followed by a Local Aussie Lady, driving at a safe distance.

Suddenly the Aussie Lady saw a head of an old man coming out of the window and vomiting blood.
She took a quick action and informed the 000 for help.

In no time, there appeared an Air Ambulance Helicopter.

The well trained staff quickly shifted that old man on the stretcher. Oxygen supply started. Doctors started examining him. Sometime later, the old man was declared safe and fit to travel again.
Kudos to Quick Help and Well Done The Aussie Lady.

But these services, our Kanpur man had to pay AUD 3500.

With these unplanned heavy financial charges, the Kanpur man was in shock and he blasted on his Old Aged Father :

"Gutkha kha kar khidki ke bahar pichkari maarne ki kya zarurat thi.?"