Wife is out for a few days.. how to make tea ?

Rajesh took a selfie with a pressure cooker on the stove.
Put it on Facebook with a query...
'Wife is out for a few days, how to make tea and how many cooker whistles?'

He got many helpful replies..
Venku: Cooker comes with one whistle, why do you want more whistles?

Ramu: What a buffoon! You don't need a cooker to make tea, take a kadai.

Chethu: Soak tea leaves in water for two hours, add milk and boil. One whistle is enough.

Sunny: Whistle? Your head. Go near the window and whistle. Neighbour's wife might offer you one tea.

Siddu: Wife is out and you want tea? Are you out of your mind. Get soda and whisky, then whistle, I'll come.