A couple loved each other

There was a couple who had thier relationship since 5 years.
They loved each other a lot. The girl was beautiful and the boy was faithful.
One day, the girl came to the boy and showed her new pink eye lenses.
Withing a moment the boy fainted and fell on the floor.
The girl rushed him to the hospital. Special team of doctors started operating the boy. After waiting for 37 hours, the girl met the doctor. The doctor said,
"We have found alcohol in your friend's heart."
The girl got shocked and said, "But he never ever had a drink in his life, how can this be possible?"
Doctor, "Even we are going to research on it. You go to your home now, you can visit him tomorrow."
The girl hired a taxi and started thinking about the incident. Then suddenly she heard the song playing in the taxi:
Gulabi aanken jo teri dekhi,
Sharabi yeh dil ho gaya.
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