A sample 1000 rupee meal

A sample 1000 rupee meal.

The VAT + Service Tax (Including Swachch Bharat Cess) would be 195.5. (Govt earning 195.5)

Now to take home that 1000 rupees, i had to earn 1333.33 rupees (25% approx Income Tax on salary). (Govt. earning 333.33)

I had to use my bike for the 20km trip to and fro home. Fuel Expenses -  45 Rupees (Govt earns 23 rupees on that. Including latest excise hike of 1.50

So when i went out for a meal for 1000, the Govt. earned 195.5+333.33+23= 551 Rupees.

Moral: learn to cook at homeπŸ˜›