The School Report Card

The School Report Card

I came home from work.
Was tired. Sat down on the sofa. Put my feet up.

Wife brought me a glass of water.

Son gave me a sheet of paper.
English - 17/100
BM - 35/100
Maths - 40/100
Physics - 37/100
Chemistry - 42/100

I lost my temper
"What is this?
All the time on phone and TV.
How dare you show me such marks?"

Wife said: "Be patient. Listen...."

I told her:
"Shut up. It's your love and pampering that has spoilt him. He is no good."

Wife said: "Oh. Really?"

I said:
"No one in our family has performed so badly ever."

Son said:
"Dad. I was cleaning the old cupboard and I found this."
"This is your old school report card."