The Real Father

Mother: Son I'm sorry my husband is not your dad. I had an affair 23 years ago with a man . And that person is your real father."

Son: Mum, what rubbish! How am I to deal with this?

Mother: I am sorry he was my first love and I could not marry him..
'cause we are from different religions. He is on the phone right now and wants to speak with his son, come talk to him."

Son: No I am not speaking to any one. My dad is the only father I know and so will that be."

Mother: Please don't be so upset. Just talk to him.

Son: Ok, I will not commit anything.

Phone: Morning Son, I am Mukesh Ambani. I am your real father.

Son: Maa ki Aaaannkkhhh... Dad! Dad! Dad!!! Thank God! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Thank God!!!!!! Luv u so much Dad!!!! I always knew there was something special about me.. Thank you soooo much mum. You are the best mum in d world!"

Na Biwi Na Bachha ; Na Baap Bada Na Bhaiya ; The Whole thing is dat ki bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya..